International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg

Auf Deutsch: Internationale Schiffsmodellbautage Hamburg
Internationale Schiffsmodellbautage Hamburg Shipmodelling Days Maritimes Museum Helgoland Diorama

Heligoland 1890, a diorama in a scale of 1:1250 on deck 9.

The Sipmodelling Days in Hamburg, 14th to 16th September 2018

The International Maritime Museum Hamburg (IMMH), Prof. Peter Tamm’s largest private collection of maritime items worldwide, will host the first “International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg” from September 14th to September 16th 2018. Shipmodellers and clubs of all kind – from historic ships made of wood to radio controlled, from card models to styrene, resin and multimedia or collector models in 1/1250 scale – are invited to present their models. The meeting will be a great opportunity for model makers to make their work known, and to expand their network with shipmodellers and their view on the hobby.

Internationale Schiffsmodellbautage Hamburg Shipmodelling Days Maritimes Museum Wapen Hamburg Ship Modelling Modellbau

The Wapen von Hamburg III on deck 2.

A unique maritime venue

The show will be hosted in the lobby and the first two floors of the IMMH. There will be an exhibition area of about 270 running meters of tables between and around the exhibits of the museum. The museum is based in the Kaispeicher B, the oldest remaining storehouse building of Hamburg, in the heart of the new and spectacular Hamburg Harbour City. It houses Tamm’s unique collection of maritime objects, including thousands of ship models of all shapes and sizes. There will be special activities for children and families and space for vendors too.

Send us your application for the International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg

All clubs, groups and individuals who build shipmodels are invited to apply for the „International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg“. There are no presettings concerning material or scale but models of high standard are expected. Those who want to be a part of the exhibition should apply before the 31st of May 2018 under the following adress:

Please enter the mane of your club or group, what kind of ship models you would like to show and what will be the space you need. The IMMH will provide tables with a standard size of 220 x 80 resp. 180 x 80 cm. Pleas send two or three pictures of the models you would like to show with your application. Depending on the ammount of applications, the exhibition space given to each club, group or model maker may vary. Every application will recieve a binding answer and registration before the 30th of June 2018.


The “International Shipmodelling Days” will be promoted via social media and the press in the region and worldwide in the weeks and months to come. For  more information you may contact:


Frank Ilse: or +49 171 5617271

Hans-Jürgen Mottschall: or +49 40 6437137

Roland Klinger: or +49 8232 3919

Babette Teichmann, IMMH: or +49 40 300 92 30-12