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For information please contact Annette Moritz at the museum:

Phone: +49-40-300923034

Guidance for ship simulator (costs included in entrance fee):
Tue, Wed, Sun at 2 p.m.

Being a captain for once - our new ship simulator

On tuesday, wednesday and sunday the visitors of the International Maritime Museum could try out our new high-technology ship simulator. Being a captain for once and navigate a container vessel - the first passage into Hamburg habour was a great success. The new ship simulator was donated by the Hapag-Lloyd AG. The new attraction was officially handed over to the founder of the Museum, Prof Peter Tamm, by chairman Michael Behrendt on Friday 16th August 2013.

The simulator opens up a new and very special perspective to our visitors: Becoming part of the world of container vessels and cruise ships as captain, helmsman or pilot.

The simulator is not an easy to play with toy, but a professional unit which was constructed by the Bremen based firm Rheinmetall. The company is one of the leading providers of maritime simulation and training systems worldwide. As it is not easy to navigate such a professional ship simulator, a team of volunteers has formed around the two former captains Hans Trey and Rüdiger Gutjahr, so that the visitors of the museum can be made familiar with different scenarios under their guidance.

Several ships are available for navigation, for example the container vessel “Tokyo Express”, the cruise ships “Europa”, and a catamaran. At the moment the active program offers a containership simulation. There is a pilot, the helmsman and, of course, the captain, who have to accomplish the task together. They can choose to enter one of three ports: Hamburg, Rotterdam or Singapore. The control station offers the following functions: engine telegraph, operating equipment for the lateral thruster, compass, typhon, helm, and indicators for speed, rudder angle, turning speed, engine speed, and bow thruster output.

As it is a professional ship simulator, which can only be operated under expert supervision, the Hamburg Marine Training Centre Ltd. has trained the museum team. That means that the visitors are never left alone on the navigating bridge. And if the first attempt to enter Hamburg harbour doesn’t go as smoothly as anticipated the former captains will of course be on hand with help and advice. The members of the team will be happy to answer questions in English, too.

We thank Hapag-Lloyd AG, Rheinmetall, and the Hamburg Marine Training Centre for their support.