Hygiene regulations during the Coronavirus pandemic

Description of the hygiene regulations for the reopening of the International Maritime Museum Hamburg during the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Hygiene Regulations:

How to protect yourself and others in the museum:

  • If you feel sick, please stay at home.
  • Wearing a mask is obligatory in all areas of the museum.
  • Wash your hands properly and regularly.
  • If you need to caugh or sneeze, use a tissue or the crock of your arm.
  • Avoid touching (e.g. shaking hands or hugs)!
  • Mantain sufficient distance between people
  • Avoid forming groups.
  • Ask our staff if you have any doubts.

Wer are pleased to be open again. Please help us stop the spread of the coronavirus by following this hygiene regulations and social distancing.

We hope you enjoy your visit!