Museum Building

Children's birthday parties at the museum

For children the house - which is the oldest warehouse in the harbour of Hamburg - holds a fascinating trip around the world. On nine decks they can experience history and stories come alive. A journey through the museum turns into a circumnavigation; they will experience adventures, defy dangers and meet challenges. When they “disembark” they not only will have had a lot of fun and got to know new worlds - but they will have become real sea dogs!

Program: Captain Cook - At the behest of the King

The guests at the birthday party follow the tracks of the famous explorer James Cook and look out for the legendary southern continent. The birthday child is the captain and under his or her command the crew undertakes an exciting journey through the museum. As ship’s cook, sailor or navigator they learn to orientate themselves in the broad expanse of the sea and to spin a good yarn. Their ship nearly sustains damage, and the companions reach safety on Spice Islands. Hopefully the crew gets safely back to England in the end, where the King is already eagerly waiting for news. (Max. 10 children) At the “Super birthday party” the crew has to face up to the crossing-the-line ceremony and demonstrate quickness at the ropes.


Birthday party (120 minutes): 90 EUR
Super birthday party (180 minutes): 120 EUR

For information and to book please contact

Museumsdienst Hamburg (pedagogical service for Hamburg museums)
phone: +49(0)40-42813-10