The Quiz with Rubens the Cat

Rubens has some questions for you!

Help Rubens to find the solution word! It’s made up of the letters corresponding to the correct answers.

Question 1

Cats love climbing trees. What were trees like this one used for in shipping in the past?

Question 2

Cats are nosy. Which strange device is it?

Question 3

Hey! What are you doing here?

Question 4

The journey starts! But where did people build such strange-looking boats?

Question 5

Look, a real Viking! His name was Leif Erikson. What was he famous for?

Question 6

Hey, it’s not what it looks like! I am just sitting here! But what is the bucket used for?

Question 7

From up here I can directly look into your eyes. But the thing I have just been climbing up to looks mysteriously. What is it?

Question 8

Here is the captain! Tell us, Kuddel, where are you standing in? There is no rain in the museum.

Question 9

Wow, someone has caught a big mouse! Or was it a sea monster?

Question 10

Shall I catch the little bird? No, I won’t do that as I am a good cat. But what do you think where I am here?