Cardboard Model Sheet

The cardboard model sheet of the IMMH cutter for the International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg

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We introduce you to the cardboard model sheet for the IMMH fishing cutter! It has been conceived so it can be completed by modelling beginners as well as kids – with a little adult help. You can get the cardboard model sheet to build this little beauty directly at the museum. For those among you who can’t make it, we have a .pdf version that you can download for free and print at home right here.

Download model sheet

This cardboard model sheet has ben produced by the International Maritime Museum Hamburg in cooperation with the cardboard model editorial HMV and the newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt for the occassion of the firts International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg.

The Shipmodelling Days will take place on the 15th and 16th of september 2018 at the museum. Kids under 17 that show their completed cardboard model at the cash-desk, get free entrance to the event.

To make the building of the model a bit easier, our volunteer colleague Renate Langhammer-Krause has written an extended building manual. Here is the video.

Building manual for the IMMH cardboard model sheet

Printing the sheets:

Please use 160 GSM DIN-A4 Paper to print the model.

The printing can be done in any normal color printer.


Tools of the trade:



Scissors (or cutter)

Steel ruler

small wooden stick

thinn knitting needle or a simmilar object

small basket for the paper rests

all-purpose glue

a cut-resistant working surface


Working through the building steps

  1. Search for the pieces that you need for the building step.
  2. Groove all fold lines using the metal ruler and the blunt needle.
  3. Roughly cut each piece from the sheet.
  4. Now cut every piece on the extenal continnuous black line. Don’t leave the glue tabs out. You can write the number of each piece on it’s backside so you don’t mistake them.
  5. Use a small basket to collect all paper rests. This makes it way easier to find any pieces you may have throun away by mistake.
  6. Fold the foldlines on the edge of the table. think about if the line should be folded to the outside or to the inside before doing it.
  7. Glue the pieces together. Use the small wooden stick to clean superflues glue from the model. You can use the tweezers to press the glue tabs together.
  8. Wait until the glue hay dried until you use a piece on the next step.
  9. Pieces that need to be bent can be rolled with the blunt needle.
  10. Take good care that your hands stay clean and glue-free all through the building process.


The International Maritime Museum Hamburg wishes you all happy modelling!

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