Special Exhibition

from Troy to Lampedusa

Special Exhibition: June the 5th 2019 – February the 2nd 2020
All contents of the exhibition are displayed both in German and English.

Flight across the sea is an omnipresent event in the history of humankind. Since centuries and all over the world people go to sea hoping to reach a better place. They leave their possessions and communities behind. In most cases they put their own lives at risk. Their reasons can be imminent danger, economic need, religious and ethnic persecution or escaping from a dictatorship. They hope for freedom and happiness. Many eventually arrive in the land of their dreams, where they find support and a place to live in peace. For thousands, however, the journey is interrupted and many die at sea, both in times of war and peace. Dramatic events, astonishing human achievements, and terrible tragedies have all been connected with the flight across the sea.

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Flight Across the Sea – The Book

Exhibihtion curator Dr. Erik Lindner has comopiled the results of his research in a book. This in-depht look at the history of seafaring refugees is written in both English and German, just like the special exhibition. It is now available through the online shop of the museum. We ship worldwide.

The entrance fees to our special exhibition are included in the regular entrance fees of the IMMH.

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