International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg

Auf Deutsch: Internationale Schiffsmodellbautage Hamburg
"Der Aufbruch" von Roland Klinger, im Museum auf Deck 2. Internationale Schiffsmodellbautage Hamburg Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg Modellbau Schiff Schifffahrt Maritime Geschichte Miniatur Ausstellung Segelschiff
“The Departure”, 1:1250 scale diorama by Roland Klinger, displayed on deck 2.


The second International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg will take place between October the 29th and the 31st 2021.

The Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg, originally planned for the Weekend between September the 18th and the 20th 2020, have to be postponed. Our director Peter Tamm, the team of the Museum and the organisation of the Shipmodelling Days have agreed that the risks of carrying out such an event for both our visitors and participants during the current pandemic outweigh the joy we all have linked to it.

We are postponing the Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg to the last weekend of October 2021. We would like to thank all of those who have worked hard in the organisation of the event so far. Of course, we also thank all great model makers and Modelling Clubs that were inscribed for the original schedule. We hope to meet you all in the best healt in 2021!

We are going to use the coming months to work further in the organisation of the event. We are sure that the International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg 2021 are going to be memorable!

Internationale Schiffsmodellbautage Hamburg Shipmodelling Days Maritimes Museum Helgoland Diorama
Heligoland 1890, a diorama in a scale of 1:1250 on deck 9.

The International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg

The International Maritime Museum Hamburg is organising the “II International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg” between Oktober the 29th and the 31st of 2021. Ship model makers and modelling clubs in all disciplines – from historical wooden ships to RC-models, from cardboard models to collectible miniatures in a scale of 1:1250 – are welcome to display their works in the event. This meeting is a great oportunity to show your creations to a wider audience and expand your network in the modelling scene.

During the first Shipmodelling Days in September 2018, over 45 modelling clubs and model makers from all over Europe displayed their first-class models at the Museum. Over 800 models built in all inmaginable materials and all possible scales were presented in the entrace hall and over four exhibihtion “decks”. The response of the audience went beyond our most optimistic expectations. Many of the model told us they had wish for a longer event. That’s why we have decided to make the show a 3-days event in 2020.

The International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg 2021 will again take place over several “decks” (floors) od the museum. The museum is housed in the Kaispeicher B, the oldest still-standing warehouse of the Port of Hamburg. It is placed between the UNESCO heritage site Speicerstadt (wharehouse district) and the spectacular HafenCity, at the heart of Hamburg. The museums displays the collection of Prof. Peter Tamm, which is the largest of her kind worldwide. Among other exhibits there are thousands of ship models. The museum offers a unique frame for a shipmodelling show.

Modellbaubogen Kartonmodell Schiffmodell Modellbauer Internationale Schiffsmodelbautage Hamburg Internationales Maritimes Museum Peter Tamm Hamburger Abendblatt HMV Schifffahrt Modelling Shipmodelling Days 2018 Kutter Fischkutter

Downloadable free paper model

For the occasion of the International Shipmodelling Days in Hamburg, the International Maritime Museum Hamburg has joined forces with the regional newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt and the cardboard modelling editorial HMV to publish modelling sheets for the construction of a fishing cutter. This little beauty can be picked up for free at the Museum or downloaded from our Website. Happy modelling!

Cardboard model sheet Download

Damián Morán Dauchez
Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg